Luster LightTech Group

Luster provides flexible solutions of online and offline inspection and world class vision inspection products for packaging market such as flexible packaging, folding cartons, tobacco industry and tipping paper. From printing, stamping, slitting to rewinding, it can be applied on the whole workflow to control quality during and after production. With real 100% printing defects inspection and qua -lity management, our solutions has proven to be effective in reducing labour cost and print waste, increasing productivity and effic-iency.

Two series of products can be applied for package inspection-PackRoll series printing quality inspection equipments and PackSheet series printing quality inspection equipments. With advanced imaging system and inspection software, the PackRoll series are specifically developed for flexible plastic packaging, web tobacco packaging, tipping paper as well as other printed webs on any substrate. The online inspection equipments from PackRoll series can be installed on any press and stamping machine to do process control and reduce waste of raw material. and offline inspection equipments from PackRoll series can be installed on any rewinder and slitting machine to do final inspection for final quality assurance.

The PackSheet series are specifically developed for sheet-fed printed packaging inspection such as pharmaceutical packaging, cosm-etic packaging, food packaging, tobacco packaging and other colour cartons. It can be installed on offset press, folder gluer as well as sheet-fed offline processing equipment and ink-jet equipment. Our imaging system allows it to effectively inspect defects not only on normal printed material but also on high reflective material such as laser, hot stamping, hologram etc..