Martin Automatic Inc

Martin Automatic Inc is a U.S.- based company with locations in Europe and the Pacific Rim. An engineering-intensive company with over 8,000 installations in more than 50 countries, Martin Automatic is best known for its extensive line of automatic splicing unwinds, automatic transfer rewinds and tension control systems based on its patented inertia compensation technology. Since 1968, Martin has provided innovative solutions for the industry’s most ambitious and demanding web handling challenges.

Martin Automatic is a stable, engineering-driven company with a long term view and commitment to its employees and customers. Founder John Martin understood that people appreciate the ability to trust another person, to take someone at their word and to feel that they have been listened to and heard, even if not agreed with. The resulting culture gives its nearly 200 employees, with an average tenure of 22 years, a platform from which to continually introduce transformative designs and creative solutions that give real, long-term value to printers and converters around the world

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